Here we will provide details of what we are currently working on, along with some images of recent exhibitions.

The Merchant of Eastwood?Well this is how I look as a 15th century Venetian merchant.

The costume worked very well creating a lot of interest amongst visitors and making it easier to engage them.

Over two days at a moderately well attended show we managed to create over 150 qualified leads and the client went away very pleased with the outcome.

...I'm not allowed to say who but, between you and me, I have recently been working for a MAJOR high street bank, providing training to their sales staff in how to make the most of networking and exhibiting situations.
Well, here I am doing my best Bob the Builder impersonation on a mock up front cover for Stand Out magazine whilst working at the Exhibiting Show at Earls Court for Mooreplus the exhibition and event staffing agency.

Mooreplus supply personnel to cover a wide range of roles but were keen not only to generate good quality leads but to promote the fact that they can supply floor managers to fulfil the health and safety role at events.

Hence the unusual style of dress.

Not only did the hi-viz and hard hat focus attention on this area but it also made the stand instantly memorable, so that when the sales team hit the phones the day after the show, if the people they were speaking to couldn't bring the stand to mind straight away, the fact that they had been approached by someone with such a distinctive style of dress was a very effective way of jogging their memory. After all this, a straight forward suit, shirt and tie might not feel quite right at the next show.