• Project Management
    If you are new to exhibiting and unsure which is the best way to get the right results; or even a seasoned campaigner who knows they need to make changes to get the results they really want; then we can help you from start to finish. From helping you to put the right systems in place, through pre-show message setting and stand layout, selecting the right people for the roles on the stand and debriefing after the show to assess how well you have done and ensure that the systems have worked.
  • Planning
    Defining your objectives for the show, and how you are going to achieve them, will greatly improve the results. We will point out the pitfalls and potential errors to produce an effective plan, generating more 'quality' leads.

  • Strategy Reviewing
    Having a well thought out and implemented exhibiting strategy will help you achieve your goals. Ensure that your exhibiting produces the required results by having your strategy reviewed.

  • Training
    Staff should have clearly defined roles and be trained to fulfil the specifics of that role. With our help, you will have the right people, in the right places, producing the results you want.
  • Show Selection
    Selecting the correct shows will ensure you get the responses you want directly from the decision makers. Knowing where to focus your exhibiting efforts, will pay dividends for you.

  • Staff Hire
    The wrong people on your stand will greatly reduce your potential for success. We can help by providing you with experienced exhibiting professionals to help you exhibit successfully without leaving your business understaffed for the duration of the show.

  • Business Gifts
    With our many years experience in the promotions industry, we can compliment your marketing literature with a wide range of personalised gift items to suit every occasion and budget.