Mike - You are worth your weight in gold! I'm not the most confident person in the world and when I heard that we'd have to  take it in turns to spot potential business I was a little apprehensive.
In fact, if I'm honest I was totally petrified and can't believe how nervous I was prior to your briefing sessions.

Once you explained and coached me in the science of customer spotting and qualifying, the picture then became clear. In the end I found myself really enjoying myself and well exceeding my personal targets.

Since your coaching I've used the techniques to great effect on a number of occasions, for various events. Thanks once again for the opportunity to work with yourself. 

Mike Denby,
Business Communication Manager,
The Source at Meadowhall

  We engaged Mike Eastwood Associates, as we were not sure that our exhibition strategy was right, albeit it was producing 'results'. It has been one of the best decisions we have made in a long time.

With Mike's guidance and knowledge we reshaped our focus and achieved 210 quality leads from our recent show. These are real quality leads with potential, not just a collection of names on cards as we had previously.

The irony is that Mike actually cost us very little, as their input made us quickly realise we could channel budgets from one source to another to get similar results, and thus the saving on the budget paid Mike's fee! I cannot recommend MEA highly enough. 

John Watson,

Sales Director
Corporate Risk Systems Ltd

Mike and my paths met whilst I was managing a project at the DTI (Department of Trade & Industry) - 'Helping SME's Exhibit Better'.

The public funded project was hosted by the AEO (Association of Exhibition Organisers) and interested attendees were given lots of free advice from experienced professionals involved in the industry.

It wasn't long before I realised Mike had a real talent in the exhibition arena; his confidence, and outgoing personality helped him over the past 3 years gain hundreds of qualified leads for many small, medium and large sized companies in many different industry sectors.

I would have no hesitation in bringing Mike on board in any exhibition project that I get involved with in the future.

James Arfan
former Project Manager @ DTI

Yorkshire South Tourism stand  It’s been great to work closely with Mike on our exhibiting programme for the last 18 months.

Having an experienced professional working as a member of our team he has helped us enormously in numerous ways.
It has allowed us to focus on our roles at exhibitions; become more effective and efficient in the generation of qualified leads, and, most importantly of all, thanks to Mike's coaching, our team are learning and developing all the time.

We have consistently smashed our target for new clients generated- due in no small part to Mike and we will continue to work with him on an ongoing basis.

Emma France,
Business Tourism Manager,
Yorkshire South Tourism.